How to Enter the Idaho Press Club Awards

How to Enter the Idaho Press Club Awards update 2017 – PDF

Best in Media media helpful hints


1. Are you a current member of the Idaho Press Club? If not, become a member today! It saves you money when you go to pay your entry fee and it supports our great work for journalists across the state. Join or renew

2. Decide what to enter

3. Make sure your entries look good and are in the proper formats: pdf, jpg, YouTube, etc. Any scanned clippings need to all face the same direction for easy reading.

4. Collect all your entries in one place. It helps to have a list of the actual file names handy before you start. Have the names of the entries, exactly as you would like them to appear on your award, the names of the individuals to be recognized, and be sure you know the membership status of every entrant. Keep in mind if you want to pay the member price for an entry, every entrant listed for recognition on that entry must be a current member. If even one person listed is a non-member, you will need to pay the non-member entry price.

5. Go to

First:  Create your user account: You will need to create a new account for this year. You can use the same username/password from previous years, you just need to create a new.

How:  Roll over the tab called “Log In / Create Account”. Chose “Create Account” from the drop-down. Once you fill out the information and submit it, you will automatically be logged in. You will know you’re logged in because there will be more tabs in the navigator bar

Second: Create an Entry

How:   Roll over the tab called “Create an Entry” and roll over “Select Entry Forms”. A list will appear. Select “Idaho Press Club” you will now be redirected to your FORM and MEDIA Page

Next:  Filling Out the Form


a) Fill out your own information. Click on “Continue to Divisions and Categories” button

b) Select the division you are entering from the drop-down field

c) Select the category you are entering from the drop-down field. Click on the “Entry Name & File(s) button

d) Fill the title of your entry. This should be like a book, article or segment name

e) Select how many files you are submitting for this entry. (You may attach up to 4 files for this one entry)

f) A file type field will appear along with a file name (or URL) field. Depending on what type of media you have selected, a prompt will appear instructing you EXACTLY how to submit your media or media link. PLEASE NOTE: It is this step that connects your FORM to your MEDIA. Follow this step carefully!! You’ll be able to verify your form and media later.

g) Recognition and membership status: Fill out each name and their membership status of who was involved in this entry. See IPC rules and criteria for further explanation :  Rules & Fees or Divisions & Categories

h) Once you submit your form…2 things will happen:

A copy of the form will be sent to your email. (Make sure your email accepts mail coming from

A confirmation page will appear with a link to any media you uploaded into your Media Manager (only certain types will have been uploaded) and then you can choose to:

Create Another Entry

Go to the Payment Form* (you can pay for one or several entries) or

Return to the Home Page to log out.

6. Payments:  All IPC entry payments are processed by PayPal.  The payment form you will be directed to allows you to select any or all of the types of entry membership status on one form!  You will have the option to select:

Member Only


Student / Member Only

Student / Non-Member

Each selection will open a drop-down field that will allow you to indicate how many entries you are paying for in any or all of the status boxes you select.  Remember, every form you submitted is in your email.  Simply total the number of each type of entry and then indicate that amount in the field provided.  Your selections will show a grand total of the required fee(s) on the form and pass that information along to PayPal.  Note: Best in Media does NOT take any financial information.  PayPal does that.

7. Once you have paid for all your entries, you are all done. Pat yourself on the back. Your entry helps supports the year-round work of the Idaho Press Club.

8. One more thing, make plans to attend the Idaho Press Club Awards banquet on April 28, 2018. Check the main website for more details. Banquet info