How to Enter the Idaho Press Club Awards

  1. Become a member of the Idaho Press Club! It saves you money when you go to pay your entry fee and it supports our great work for journalists across the state.
  2. Decide what to enter
  3. Make sure your entries look good and are in the proper formats: .pdf, .jpg, .wav or MP4 files. Any scanned clippings need to all face the same direction for easy reading. If you have a multiple page entry, go to, set up an account and create a new file with your pages. New this year-you may also use a YouTube link for videos. You need to have the full link, not the shorten URL.
  4. Collect all your entries in one place. Have the names of the entries, as you would like them to appear on your award, the names of the individuals to be recognized, know their membership status and have the list of the actual file names handy before you start.
  5. Go to
  6. Create an account.  You need to create a new account each year.  (You’ll find the tab on the right side of the screen) Follow the prompts.
  7. From the Best in Media home page, click on the entry forms tab and follow the steps. If you are entering an ISSUU file, you list file name after you click on multiple page entry. If you are entering a URL for an online entry or an ISSUU file, you will not need to “Upload” these entries, but please follow the directions carefully to make sure judges can get through any paywalls.
  8. The form system allows you to fill out multiple entries if you wish. You will receive an email with each entry. Please keep those emails handy!   You will need them later to confirm the correct entry fee payment.
  9. Next you will need to upload your entries. Make sure you are logged in under your account.
  10. Click on Upload.
  11. Click on uploading files or uploading YouTube links. You cannot upload both types of files in the same session. Enter all your regular files first then go back to the homepage and click on upload again and upload your YouTube links.
  12. Select the Idaho Press Club as the destination for your files.
  13. Browse and select your digital files. Once you have them all listed, click upload and monitor the progress. We suggest doing no more than 10 entries at a time.
  14. When everything is uploaded, scroll to the top of the page and click on home.
  15. Click on payment tab. This is where you will need your entry emails. They are your reminder of what you owe. The payment system is designed to handle only one type of membership entries at a time. Select Idaho Press Club and follow the prompts. Pay for all of your membership entries first.
  16. After you have paid your membership entries, if you have non-member entries, click on the home page and click on the payment tab again. Select Idaho Press Club and follow the prompts again. You will have to repeat this process if you have student-member and student-nonmember entries. Remember, you can only pay for one type of membership classification in one session.
  17. Once you have paid for all your entries, you are all done. Pat yourself on the back. Your entry helps supports the year round work of the Idaho Press Club.
  18. One more thing, make plans to attend the Idaho Press Club Awards banquet on April 28, 2018. See the for more details.